About Us

Our company was founded as a family business in Gyomaendrőd (south east of hungary) in 1991 and has been operating the very same way since then.

We started manufacturing doors, windows and furniture at the beginning. Later on we specialized in custom designed products: mainly doors, windows and winter garden manufacturings. One of our special items for instance is the arched lift & slide door but you are also able to find rustic-style products that are made of new wood by a unique antique-style technology which gives the surface an old-style look. This method has been applied since 2004 at Pe-fa Company.

Nowadays, apart of producement of these stylish doors and windows, we are creating handcrafted and – with our specific aging method – manually surface treated furniture and home accessories, too. It is our serious intent to acquaint this particular world to you and to spread a little romantic feeling by our products to your home.

I need to point out that all of our items are prepared according to the EU Standards and requirements. Also, we make our products conforming to standard sizes and special needs.

Now I would like to thank you for giving your time and your attention to us by visiting our webpage.

Please follow me into my world, so throughout this journey I can introduce this particular way of living in a romantic-rustic style.

I hope you will enjoy this event and I will be capable to open up the doors to share these sensations.
Enjoy the trip with me!

Yours sincerely,
András Pelle